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October 20th, 2017
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Chamber Concert 2 Sunday 10th Sept 2017
by philip (17th September 17)
Sunday September 10th MC Dr. Bruce Sterling
Danse Carnivale by Randall Standridge
I am the Luckiest by Ben Folds arr. Wade Gregory
Shepparton String Ensemble. Directed by Peter Read
‘Three Birds from Antipodes’ by Eric Anderson.
The Suite – Larks Sing by Eric Anderson.
‘Winded’: Eric Anderson, Sandy Saxton, Marla Swift.

Bruce Sterling
The Violetta Quartet by Anita Hewitt-Jones.
‘Fitette’: Peter Read, Wendy Oakes, Carole McGregor, Demi Wood
Intermezzo from Cavalleroa Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni
Allegro spiritoso by Johann Joachim Quantz arr. by Charles Smith

Imre Gontier, Wade Gregory
‘Voi che sapete' from The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart
'O mio babbino caro' from Gianni Schicchi by Puccini
‘ You'll never walk alone' from Carousel.
Sherryn Parnell, Bruce Sterling.

Chris Hawtin, Charlotte Drinnan
It’s All About that Bass by Kadish and Trainor arr. Moore
Dies Irae by Karl Jenkins
Shepparton String Ensemble. Directed by Peter Read.
Presented by the Greater City of Shepparton Council in partnership with the G.V.C.O

2017 GVCO Annual Concert
by philip (17th September 17)
GV Concert Orchestra Members
and Guest ArtistsStrings:
Violin 1 Concertmaster
Wendy Oakes OAM
Peter Read
Alison Smith
Gabrielle Sargant
Emily Hunter
Pradeep Santhakumar
Imre Gontier
Violin 2 Catriona Saunders
Alexander Wright
Philip Oakes
Rachael Williams
Liesl Parnell
Niamh Thorn
Lily Robinson
Viola Carole McGregor
Isabelle Ford
Bruce Sterling Kate Delahunty
Stella Robinson
Lira Cross
Cello Demi Wood
Kerry Jennings
Leona Sterling
Emma King
Natasha Prewett
Louisa De Bruin
Peta Keller
Double Bass Charlotte Drinnan
Jaydan Livingstone
Flutes 1 & 2 Vicki Prewett
Eloise Ford (piccolo)
Sandy Sexton
Oboe 1 Johnathon
Oboe 2 Eric Anderson
Clarinet 1 Carissa Lee
Clarinet 2 Senara Kulatunga
Bass Clarinet Brian Matthews
Bassoon Nyree O’Connor
French Horn 1 Leona Gibbs
French Horn 2 Valerie Murphy
Trumpet 1 Caleb Noller
Trumpet 2 Peter Arnold
Jesse Gawne
Trombone William Conrad
Bass Trombone Ben Harman
Tuba Max Diamond
Percussion: Helen Rankin
Matthew Head
Ryan Bhat
Tessa Rankin
Piano Charlotte Drinnan
Bruce Sterling
Electric Guitar Jarrod Skurrie
Bass Guitar Jaydan Livingstone
Guest Artists:
Renée Rankin Vocals
Felicity McCowan Vocals
Simon Oakes Vocals
Ryan Bhat Marimba
Fiona Kennan Narrator
36 Degrees South
Director: Wade Gregory
Stage Managers:
Jeff Jennings
Simon Jennings
GVCO Concert Program 2017
Director: Wendy Oakes OAM
Conductor: Steven Sargant
Concertmaster: Wendy Oakes OAM
MC: David Abbey
Royal Fireworks Suite, 1st and 4th Movements Handel
Symphony No 7 Allegretto Beethoven
Flower Duet from ‘Lakme’ Delibes
Vocals: Renée Rankin & Felicity McCowan
Carnival of the Animals Saint-Saens
Fiona Kennan: Narrator
Zadok the Priest Handel
36 Degrees South: Choir
Forty Reasons to be Cheerful (Festive Fanfare) G. Koehne
American Rhapsody R. Meyer
John Williams Medley Williams
36 Degrees South
Hymn to Diversity Nicholas Buc
You Will be Found B. Pasek & J. Paul
SYIA Winner 2016
Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra, 1st & 2nd Movements
Ney Rosauro
Marimba: Ryan Bhat
Piano: Charlotte Drinnan
GVCO & 36 Degrees South
Somebody to Love Queen arr Fedor Vrtacnik
GVCO is grateful for the support of:
Friends: Mrs L Bailey, Mrs V Ballintine, Mr R & Mrs Y Bhat, Mrs B Chapman, Dr
D Cory, Mrs L Cooper, Mrs M Cranko, Mrs M Dunn, Mr J & Mrs L Harbord, Mrs A
Jorgensen, Mrs V Lea, Mrs L McPherson, Mrs M Mathewson, Mrs V Maudsley, Mrs
R Muir, Mrs F Newbound, Ms J O’Connell, Mr H O’Conner, Mrs R Over, Dr K Rankin,
Mrs N Rikys, Rodney Park Village, Mr & Mrs K Santhakumar, Mrs B Schier, Mr I &
Mrs S Smith, Mrs V E Smith, Mr A & Mrs D Sumner, Mrs L Thomas, Mrs J Tracy, Mr D
Vibert, Mrs L Viney, Ms M Walker, Mrs M Walsh, Ms V Waser, Miss M Wehner, Mrs H
West, Mrs L Williams, Mrs C Wills, Mr G Wilson, Mrs M Wilson
GVCO Committee: President, Wendy Oakes OAM; Vice President, Kerry Gawne;
Secretary, Cindy Abbey; Treasurer, Bruce Sterling; Phillip Oakes; Helen Rankin; Alison
Smith; Charlotte Drinnan; Wade Gregory
Life Members: Mr M Carrafa, Mrs A Cory, Ms K Gawne, Mr P & Mrs W Oakes OAM,
Mr P Read, Ms J Tuckwell,
Special thanks to Riverlinks staff, sound and lighting technicians, stage
crew, Andrew Nicholls for his filming of our DVD, Shepparton High School
and Wanganui Park Secondary College
GVCO is a member of Regional Arts Victoria
Chamber Concert Dates: September 3, 10 & 17 Eastbank PAC
Presented by Riverlinks and Sponsored
by the City of Greater Shepparton Council
Mr I & Mrs J Almond, Mrs E Brown,
Mrs B Chamberlain, Mr J & Mrs C Head,
Mr G & Mrs D Hill, Ms L Lancaster,
Mr J Lewis & Ms F Kennan, Mr S Oakes,
Mr P & Mrs J Phillips, Ms J Sartoria
Mr J & Mrs A Andreadis, Mr P & Mrs L
Bicknell, Mr J & Mrs F Cloney, Dawes
& Vary Riordan, Dr J & Mrs M Lawry,
Mr J McCague in memory of Jace
McCague, Mr G Miller
Chamber Concert 1, September 3rd 2017
by philip (15th September 17)
This is the program for the first Chamber Concert given by GVCO in Eastbank Function Rooms
Chamber Concert 3, Sunday September 17th 2017
by philip (15th September 17)
This is the program for the third Chamber Concert given in the Easbank Function Rooms by GVCO on September 17th
Chamber Concert 3, Sunday 4th September, 2016
by philip (4th February 17)
This is the program for the third chamber concert held in the Eastbank Function Rooms, on September 4th at 2.00 pm
Chamber Concert 2 August 28th, 2016
by philip (4th February 17)
Here is the program for Chamber Concert 2, held at the Eastbank Function rooms, Sunday August 28th, 2016 at 2.00 pm
Chamber Concert 1, 21st August 2016
by philip (4th February 17)
This is the program for the first Chamber concert for 2016 held in the Eastbank Function Rooms, Welsford Street, Shepparton
Rodney Retirement Village Concert
by philip (8th December 16)
This concert was held at Rodney Retirement Village at 10.30 am
Chamber Concert series - 2015 reports in Newsletter
by philip (16th December 15)
Chamber concert series August 30th, Sept 6th and Sept 13th 2015 - Reports in Newsletter written by Helen Rankin
Chamber Concert Series, 2015 - Oct 30th, Sept 6th and Sept 13th
by philip (11th November 15)
Here is the newsletter report of the "upcoming" chamber concert series for 2015, written by Helen Rankin
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