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August 9th, 2020
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Annual Concert in Eastbank, June 13th 2015
by philip (11th November 15)
Here is a report written by Helen Rankin of the 2015 annual concert held in Eastbank PAC, Shepparton on Saturday June 13th.
Annual Concert in Eastbank, June 13th 2015
Thank you, Helen Rankin, for your extremely well-written and authentically recorded reports about our annual concerts, not just this one, but previous ones as well. They appear in the newsletters as well, for which you are to be commended. You used to take reports that I had written from the website for the newsletter. Now I take your reports from the newsletter to put on the website! How we have progressed!
(by Philip 11/11/15 10:57PM)
>Thanks Phil. Between the two of us we seem to get the job done! Proof reader / contributor extraordinaire!
(by Helen 25/11/15 05:05AM)